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Offering Complete Automatic Transmission Service for Portland Drivers

When you buy your car, one of the first things you should do is read the owner’s manual, as it contains a recommended maintenance schedule created by the manufacturer. While it might seem like a burden to meet all of the deadlines specified on the chart, it’s crucial to keep on track so your car’s components work properly. One of the most important parts of the engine is its series of gears, as it converts raw energy into the momentum needed to turn the wheels. With so much riding on this system, you should only trust an experienced auto transmission repair specialist to perform service. Since 1944, Portland drivers have turned to Advanced Transmission & Gear, and we’re ready to get under the hood of your standard or four-wheel drive vehicle.

We Also Provide Expert Repairs

A fluid check is one of the most important aspects of automatic transmission repair, as this vital liquid is responsible for cooling and lubricating the system of gears. Once fluids start to break down, it can take more work for the other components to function, which could lead to premature wear and eventual failure. Whether you have a front-wheel drive vehicle or one that powers all four wheels, it’s important that you have the system inspected regularly and get repair as soon as you notice any issues.

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Get Your Car Working Once Again in Gresham

If it’s time for regular service for your car in Gresham or Portland, trust the experts at Advanced Transmission & Gear to work on this important engine system. A general mechanic might be able to spot obvious problems, but it takes a trained eye to pinpoint minuscule issues that could balloon into larger problems. To book a time in our garage for automatic or manual transmission repair services, contact us today at 503-665-9892.