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Offering Repairs in Portland to Get Your Car’s Clutch Functioning Again

As you accelerate, your car shifts between the gears that convert the engine’s output into usable energy, and your clutch is the component that makes it happen. While this device is designed to last many years, your maintenance and driving habits could lead to premature wear. If you’re having a hard time engaging a gear or you aren’t getting extra power while pressing the gas pedal, you might need professional clutch repair service from an experienced mechanic. With more than seven decades in the Portland community, Advanced Transmission & Repair has cultivated a reputation as a trusted service provider, and we can help you stay out on the road.

Complete Clutch Repair

While repair is usually the preferred strategy, there are times when the damage is significant enough to warrant complete clutch replacement. To accomplish this, the mechanics from our transmission repair company will disassemble the entire system of gears and replace the clutch disc and pressure plate. For some vehicles, they’ll even remove and resurface the flywheel for a smoother shifting experience. This project is a significant undertaking, but we can usually take care of it in a day or two unless we detect more substantial damages.

clutch repair

Proudly Serving the Gresham Community

Your car is an important part of your daily life, so don’t settle for anything less than peak performance out of the engine. If you’re having trouble shifting between gears, let the technicians at Advanced Transmission & Gear take a look under the hood and fix any problems before they intensify. With our convenient Portland location, we’re an easy drive from Gresham and a number of other suburban communities. To book a time for clutch repair, installation or any other vehicular service, call us today at 503-665-9892.